Extra Post-Partum TLC - Post-Birth Nutrition You May Not Have Considered That is No Longer Considered Taboo (Yah!)


Placenta Encapsulation - My Experience

When I had my first child in 2003 I had remembered seeing an article on placental encapsulation years before from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) publication. From from studies in TCM it made complete sense to me in terms of support for rebuilding kidney Qi (energy) and blood and supporting a rebalancing of the hormones post-natally. From a western nutrition point of view it also made good sense. Organs are so nutrient rich and this would provide such good support for post-birth given the richness in iron, protein and building blocks for hormones. Animals in the wild do it naturally as well so from where I was in my life experience and educational journey I was interested in trying this out.

Placenta Encapsulation at home ...

To my surprise it made sense to my more conservative partner and my mom and they prepared it for me.  It was easy actually - they used the TCM recipe I had where they sliced the meat, added some ginger to warm and nourish my kidneys, put it in the oven on low till it was totally dried and hard,  put it in the Vitamix and then scooped the powder placenta and ginger mixture into capsules we picked up at the health food store. I felt so grateful and really good. They had prepared it a couple days after the birth and by that time I was feeling low energy and a bit blue/hormonal and I noticed a shift in energy and mood soon after taking it. I remember thinking, "you just can't get such a perfect-for-you medicine in any health food store or doctor's office." When I shared this with other women at the time I got a lot of strange looks and "your kidding right". It hadn't hit the celebrities and mainstream yet ...

I am so pleased that now this is considered mainstream and so more women are finding out about it and benefiting. There is now some regulation and a Certification Process (IPPA) and even Registered Nurses are on board providing this service for women where they prepare the placenta for them right after the birth and the new moms have the capsules or tincture the following day. In the town I live in, there are several companies who provide this service. If you google you will link to them. Here is information on a company in town who is passionate about providing this nourishment for new moms.


Mama's Helping Hands Owner

Provides Placenta Encapsulation and Tincture Services through her IPPA Certification. After she receives the placenta the preparation and encapsulation process takes a day to complete so you have it to support yourself very soon after your birth.

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