Post-Partum Support in Canmore - Banff - Pelvic Floor

Post-partum is a time of huge transition in your life. It is an area that I focus extensively on in my work in-office and online. This page is to introduce you to some of the resources in the Bow Valley Community that can support you during this time so you can feel grounded, centered and nourished. Just because you are a mom doesn't mean you need to feel tired and overwhelmed - it just means you need to get support and make some changes.

Around 70 % of  moms that come to see me come when they have physical symptoms or a certain condition or their anxiety or down feelings are impacting their parenting and they are at wits end. Very often it is after the birth of the second child.

30 % are coming to me as a coach/mama mentor where we are working preventatively to have them feel their best and implement strategies of self-care and simplification - they are functioning very well but maybe notice they are eating more sugar, drinking more wine and want to nip overwhelm and fatigue in the bud. Low energy, poor sleep and PMS are what they might come in for or to process their birth. Pushing doesn't work longterm and we work together to get their life and energy aligned with what's most important at this season of their life.

An active mom that has friends who are mothers says, "I tore a bit during birth and am not sure when I can get back to normal exercise. I have heard that peeing your pants (while exercising or coughing) is actually pretty common after having babies and if there's something I can do to make that not happen, I'm in."

OK, she is looking for someone who addresses the pelvic floor. Truth is we all need to address our pelvic floor to some degree to keep it healthy as we age and post birth we are all in this boat. I have had the most experience with Annemarie Fafard in this area. I recommend a pre-birth session with her and a post birth assessment. She will take care of you. The earlier you have this assessed and start working to heal this (if needed) the better outcome longterm. You can also google "pelvic floor physiotherapist" and "pelvic floor post-partum exercises" on youtube to support you and start educating yourself on exercises you should and should not do post birth or post surgery. This is such an under known area. You'll be surprised to know that the standard way we are taught to do kegels can miss the boat on this one as typically the area near the anus is what women squeeze and they miss out the more subtle muscles that need strengthening.


Annemarie is a physiotherapist and osteopath who specializes in pelvic floor health. This area is so often overlooked postpartum and many women suffer without knowing that help is available in restoring the health of the pelvic floor. It is very common for women to  wait too long to address this and also to unknowingly engage in activities that weaken pelvic floor health (such as running) much too soon.  I recommend her work as soon after the birth as possible and even better would be at least one pre-birth session to support your body in preparing for labour and delivery. Annemarie teaches group classes to new moms which I highly recommend. To contact Annemarie for an appointment email


Karen Barker is another valuable support practitioner in our valley post birth. She is an RMT (massage therapist) and has studied Visceral Manipulation and other forms of body work longer than anyone I know. She has worked with women post birth to support their bodies in returning to balance through very gentle potent techniques. She can be reached at 403 609-7020.