3 Naturopathic Tips To Dealing with the Poor Air Quality from the wildfire smoke

My heart goes out to those right in the fire hot spot areas - we're getting the drift over here and it's enough to keep us inside as much as possible.

As many of you know, the side effects of our bodies dealing with the poor air quality from the wildfire smoke is similar to respiratory/allergic-type conditions in general: runny/stuffy nose, itchy eyes, dry/sore throat, burning/itchy eyes and for some tightness in chest.

So what can we do aside from decreasing our exposure by keeping our windows closed, etc. and limiting our time outside?  This is harder in the Summer months with the heat and kids wanting to get outside to roam and play.

1. Eat well - increase high antioxidant, nutrient rich foods and avoid common mucous forming foods like sugar, dairy and wheat, food sensitivities and processed foods.

2. Support your organs of elimination in general and with herbs or homeopathics.

It's especially key to limit exposure to and to naturopathically support younger kids, babies and people who already have some susceptibility respiratory wise. If you're having any symptoms though your body is telling you that you're over your limit too. Homeopathic drainage remedies are what I have found to be a gentle, effective way to support the health of the respiratory and the detoxification system to stay on top of getting those toxins out.  The Unda 5 series is specific for lung health. Liposomal glutathione and liposomal Vit C are excellent nutritive supports as well.

3. Address the inner air quality with high quality essential oils that support lung heath like Eucalyptus, Thieves or Pine and invest in a high quality air purifier. IQ Air is the one I own and I’ve been happy with it as the smoke tends to get inside and with these supports our lungs get some reprieve.

Hope that helps! Book in if you would like some individualized immune/lung support or to pick up some basic homeopathics around this. (403) 609-8385

To you and your family’s vibrant health! xo, Dr. Monika