Glue-gun Burn 101 : Naturopathic Tips For My Creative Craft Diva Daugher

Sometimes just doing some good ol' hydrotherapy (cool running water) is enough and my daughter is rushing back to finish her craft but this last weekend the burn was worse than in the past - second degree burn as evidenced by the blister that formed and it hurt. )-: Here's some things we have on hand for minor burns (usually they are finger burns in our home) that happen either from helping in the kitchen or ... getting crafty with the glue gun.

Cold water to start for 1 minute and then switch to a warmer temperature - cool to slightly warm even is the latest recommendation.

A dose of Arnica 30 CH and a couple sprays of Rescue Remedy all around to help with the shock of it and keep mama and child grounded and calm.

Homeopathics for minor first aid has sped up healing, been effective at decreasing the pain and has made it possible for us to really minimize the number of pharmaceuticals we've had to give our kids. They have been very effective for us for everything from teething to flus to ... well  ... burns ... our topic today.

Here are three remedies we keep at home (by the stove actually) and we make sure to bring these camping too. These same remedies help with sunburns too and served us well on our trip to Hawaii too where we all got too much Sun.

Cantharis 30CH

Causticum 30CH

Urtica urens 30CH - this one I think of if there looks like a blister is forming.

Raising the hand up above the heart has (both times we tried it) decreased the pain immediately. Lightly wrapping the burn helps too as sometimes even the air aggravates it. 

 A good quality Lavender essential oil is the item I reach for and put a drop on the burn. This has anti-septic properties to help prevent infection, can decrease the pain and helps with scarring. We use Lavender for so many things that my kids say, "Lavender is good for everything mom!"