Naturopathic Favourites For Staying Healthy While Travelling

These are some of our family favourites for when travelling abroad …

Thieves Essential Oil (Young Living) - can put the drops in some little bowls of water around where you are sleeping and put it on yourself as a lovely non-toxic perfume and also smell it directly from the bottle during the flight. I will often put a drop of it on my tongue while on the flight but that’s not for everyone - it is strong!

Lavender Essential Oil - it’s relaxing, antiseptic and can help heal a sunburn. I don’t leave the country without it. Young Living or Doterra are my favourite companies for oils. Lavender is one of those ‘less is more’ oils in regards to calming. Just a drop on a pillow or at the bottom of your or your child’s feet before bed is enough for the relaxation factor …

Citrigen - this is a great all around bug buster. I will take 2 - 4 per day throughout the day to ward off any infections the day of and after the flight. If I feel great I won’t continue after that but if not I will continue till I’m on top of whatever bug I have. (-:

R1 drops by Bio Lorenco - great all around homeopathic combo for inflammation of all sorts from fever to rash to headache to heat stroke.

Homeopathic First Aid Kit from Helios - there’s an 18 and 36 remedy kit that is great for families and people who travel and would like to have natural ways to treat themselves and their family. The little book that comes with it gives you the confidence to start using it - if you need more tips we can go through that during a typical naturopathic visit.

You can order any of these from the clinic (403) 609-8385. There are discounts for clients. In the case of the essential oils, to order Young Living Oils directly you can text (403) 678-7901 and Dr. Monika can set you up. There is no monthly fee or commitment to buy the essential oils - you can just order what you’d like, when you like. The office does do orders monthly for clients as well the third week of every month if you’d prefer that.

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