Support for Children Experiencing Anxiety: Books & Links



Sitting Sit Like A Frog

Mindful Monkey Happy Panda by Lauren Alderfer

Taming the Worry Dragon

Divorce, Separation, Family Support:

And here are some books to support a child in understanding that whatever their home situation and no matter how different it may be from the "norm", a family is a family is a family ...

  • Who's in my Family? by Robie H. Harris

  • A Family is a Family is a Family by Sara O'Leary

  • The Family Book by Todd Parr

Children before 6-7 years old live in a different brainwave state than adults that is based on picture consciousness so stories - especially oral stories told by heart - are very effective ways to truly reach a child and to support healing and growth.

Dr. Monika Herwig works with parents to tame their own anxiety from a naturopathic and mindfulness perspective. As well she coaches parents to practically simplify their home life in a way that is aligned with what is important to them and takes into account what their child needs to feel connected, loved and happy.

For children, there is an easy, energetic way that Dr. Monika works to assess a child’s well-being on all levels (REBA test from Europe) that gives specifics as to where a child is at emotionally and mentally. It is a helpful, informative test for any parent looking to better able to specifically support what is up for their child (who often don’t have the capacity to articulate this).

(403) 609-8385 is the best number to book a consult for you or your child. (-: xo