3 Remedies To Get Over a Flu Fast or Increase Your Chances of Avoiding It

Nothing can throw a wrench into things like a flu that hits the whole house. This has been the year that I have heard this phrase more than ever it seems,  "I never get sick but this year ...".

I just read some stats that it has been the year of the "most hospitalizations due to the flu" so it turns out it's not just our town that has been affected ... 

So what can we do?

Resting, drinking enough fluids and avoiding foods that tax the immune system (sugar, wheat, dairy) are some super basics when it comes to keeping our immune system strong. The work we do to keep it strong and healthy before a virus hits makes a big difference and incorporates 1. good nutrition including knowing your food sensitivities and having healthy balanced bugs in the gut (this is a good thing!) 2. stress management (including mindset) and 3. exercise.

If that cold or flu is hanging on, reach out to your Naturopathic Doctor. There are many herbal and homeopathic supports that are designed to work with your immune system and address viruses in particular. Also, hands-on therapies like acupuncture and bowen fortify the immune system, release accumulated stress and get you back in the game quicker. (-: People have been sick this last few months for 2-3 weeks at a time even (!). That's just way too long and thankfully there are many natural remedies that can remedy that!

The 3 Simple 'Flu-Be-Gone' Remedies We Try to Keep Stocked in Our Home To Nip The Flu in the Bud are:

  • Ginger - a chunk in the freezer at all times (-: to make into teas or add to our healing bone broth recovery soups.
  • Vitamin D (Liquid D-Mulsion by Seroyal is a high quality D that I like) - acutely this is excellent and we increase our daily dose for a week or so to give the immune system that extra boost.
  • Homeopathics for Flu - Mucococcinum (from Seroyal) works great and is the one that my family and my clients keep on hand so that we have it to start taking right away. FYI - I have a homeopathic first aid kit from Helios that has the basic flu remedies in there that I find very handy as well and I highly recommend families to get who are interested in using natural medicine with their children and themselves.

Our Two Favourite Herbal Mixes

1. 'Cold and Flu Elixir' which is great for all ages (tastes yum!) - has Rosehips, Elderberry and more immune herbs in a super tasty format. My 14 year old the other day said, "I wonder if I ever faked being sick as a kid just to have more Rosehip medicine." lol. That was me as a child with the little pink baby aspirin!

2. 'Immune Activator' is more for adults and can be used daily to get your immune system back up to par (as we work with whatever is at the root of the lowered immunity). Folks who are serious about increasing their 'Well Days' buy a batch for the season with great results! Call the office if you are looking for any of these and we will order them for you.(403) 609-8385.

To more "Well" days for you and your fam! xo Dr. Monika