Our Favourite, Simplest Detox Support Remedy That The Whole Family Can Use!

To be well for the long road we need to support our organs of elimination to detoxify.

This is a bigger topic and there’s many ways to do this. For those of you who have been putting detox off I wanted to share the simplest detox/immune remedy that my clients, my family and I like to do, so that a year doesn’t go by without you doing anything in this department.

It’s called Chelidoniumplex and it is a homeopathic drainage remedy that works on liver AND the lymphatic system so it affects energy, immunity, skin health, cellulite, hormone health and supports the liver to clear toxins. Just last week I had a rash from a digestive bug and using the drops alone gave my liver and immune system the boost it needed to take care of things so they didn't have to come out through the skin - I was so grateful to take car of this naturally and quickly! (-:

To do your own mini-cleanse you put 10-20 drops in your water bottle and sip it throughout the day. That’s it! 🙂 So simple right. Of course working with diet and keeping it clean and food sensitivity free is recommended too but even just this will help.

Now we don't talk about this much but children need to support their organs of elimination too --- to decrease allergies, get over colds faster, think clearer,  help with mood and the less immediately noticeable benefit: prevent illness. So just make sure you include your whole family in your extra loving of the liver and do something specific like this remedy a couple times per year.

If you are in Canmore call (403) 609-8385 to put one aside for you and your fam (cost is under $25) ❤️.

FYI - If you live outside of the Bow Valley and would like this or other supplements we do offer 2-day shipping across Canada. xo