Figuring Out Your Food Sensitivities Made Easy and How to Decrease Them for Good(!)

Would you agree that there's a bit of an information overload happening out there in terms of what foods are nutritious for you? So many diets to choose from ... foods to include ... foods to avoid ... foods to eat with this ... without that ....

One test that I run at my clinic that can help you determine what is and isn't working for you personally (or your babe if you are breastfeeding) is the IgG Food Sensitivity Panel. This is a well-loved test mainly because it takes out so much of the guesswork for you. It's a blood test and results come in quickly - just 10 days after we send the kit to the lab.

Many clients tell me that with all the conflicting info on diet out there and trying to pinpoint what food is decreasing their energy or making their symptom worse but having a hard time finding a pattern, they have just kinda given up on trying to figure it out.

AND yet truth be told they are invested in feeling great and they do still want to know what foods their body does and doesn't react to as they are generally versed enough in the workings of the body to know that proper, compatible nutrition is such an important daily health promoting piece. Our food sure does impact how we feel and over the years I've a myriad of symptoms from ADHD to immunity to eczema/skin health to headaches to bloating to sleep to infertility and mood ... improve when sensitive foods are replaced.

There are a couple keys to reading the Ig G food test results that I have learned over time to provide my client with the most personal info out of the test.

The example I want to talk about here is the case where there are a lot  (more than ten but have seen over thirty too) of foods that show up in the red category (foods in the red category are triggering a high IgG immune reaction and so avoidance is generally recommended). 

What is refreshing to learn is that this does not mean you will be sensitive to all those foods for life (if you do the underlying work that this points to). You see, so many foods showing up tells us that the gut is needing attention, healing and repair - there's a fair bit of inflammation. Yes, the highest reactive foods and any inflammatory foods in particular do need to be avoided completely for a time in the beginning but as the measures are taken to heal the gut, the food sensitivities will decrease substantially and this will positively affect all the systems in the body ... which translates to you feeling better. Yah! (-:  

As my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teacher would say, "Digestion is King." Good digestion and proper nutrition is a foundational piece of most if not all health issues short and long term and addressing it will give you a lot more food freedom and vitality in the future too!

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