Vaginal Health Tips - Mini-Overview of Natural Solutions and Supports

This article is for you if your vaginal health isn't where you'd like it to be. A client was interested in how she could support her vaginal health. She was menopausal and on estriol cream but still experienced burning pain with sex and the dryness was getting worse. Here's a summary of some of the resources I gave her.

1. Continue with your MDs recommendations re: the estriol cream (2-3 times a week).

2. Some real basics re: vaginal health comes down to:

a. Blood flow and circulation: sitz baths can support this if you are alternating hot and cold and then there’s obviously sex and anything that increases blood and energy flow to this area - so yoga and yoga therapy, hula hooping, acupuncture, applying healing cream/oil, masturbation, etc.

These three companies have healthy, natural lubricants:, (the pharmacy in Three Sisters Canmore carries this at present)

FYI - has glass dildos that are high quality and are a great tool to support vaginal health as are the jade eggs ( for good quality).

b. Nutrition: oils, water and collagen are all pretty key to skin and tissue health in general as well as fat soluble vitamins like vitamin E and A. This is where your digestion does feed into things - better digestion, more available nutrition. Vital Proteins is my favourite collagen peptide supplement.

c. Hormone and adrenal health: Anything you do to support hormonal health and stress in general will be good. Sepiaplex is an easy to take homeopathic remedy that many women like for any peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms. The list for this section is long and depends on the nature of the symptoms

3. Extras: Here are some naturopathic favourites I gathered from some colleagues. All of these can be used with no problem if you are using estriol cream as well. I would pick one (maybe Calagel to start) and see what you like best. The Seabuckthorn is taken internally so that’s a good one anytime to provide those key nutrients for skin health.

a. Sea buckthorn oil: start at 2g/day internally for 1-2 months (there is a study that looked at 3g) and then reduce to 1g/day for maintenance. Study link below.

b. Calagel by St. Francis Herbs for vaginal dryness - very soothing and since it's from St. Francis chances are big that you can get it at the local health food store.

c. Repagyn which was formulated based on some studies working with hyaluronic acid to support regeneration and vaginal tissue health.

d. EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) 1000mg in a gel cap. Run it under a little warm water then insert vaginally before bed. Recommended to wear a panty liner to bed.

e. Coconut oil is easy and helpful too - will increase the local circulation and moisture. 

Well, I hope this helps! Our vaginal health and sex drive can lose priority/potency as we age or if we are not in a sexual relationship but with some extra attention and care this doesn’t need to be so. Staying connected to this part of our body is important for our emotional and mental health in ways we are just discovering and caring for it is a great way to support our well-being as a woman as a whole.

FYI - as stress contributes to increased dryness, herbs and acupuncture points that support our adrenal glands (stress) as well as yoga therapeutics (now available at the clinic) can be helpful in vaginal health and libido as well. Call the office and book in if you would like support in this area of stress and hormones and natural solutions (403) 609-8385.