Food Ideas To Help You Transition Out of A Wheat, Dairy, Sugar, Corn Based Diet

Here’s a list for you clients who have had multiple food sensitivities show up on your IgG test. Having many foods come up is usually pointing to gut problems that have led to inflammation and increased permeability. Basically the take home is that you won’t be sensitive to ALL those foods for your whole life but right now as we work to repair the gut here are some foods that tend to be well-tolerated that you could try:

  • Hemp hearts - put them on anything and make nut milks with them. The cool thing is that they do not need to be soaked overnight like the other nuts when making nut milk.

  • Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds

  • Ground flax - nice in smoothies

  • Squash, sweet potato - great baked with ghee, spiralized as sphagetti and in soup

  • Pears, blueberries, blackberries

  • Slippery Elm Powder with applesauce and coconut milk

  • Bone broth with veg and bits of meat

  • Avocado - you can make a big batch and freeze small portions

  • Ghee (clarified butter) -

  • Nut thins - pecan is our favourite - it’s a cracker that is easy to find at grocery stores in general

  • Organic turkey or chicken, fish in moderation

  • Vegetables in general (not a lot of tomatoes and corn though) - asparagus, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower rice (can get this at Save-on in frozen section)

  • Coconut Sourdough Rice Bread from Just Pies in Penticton - this is the best gluten free bread I currently know of. Just Pies ship all over Canada. Order early and know it can take a couple months to get product because it is so well-loved …worth the wait! 1-250-490-3341.

  • Think whole foods, think soups, think easy to digest

  • Spices can help turn blah into yum. Cardamon is a lesser known spice that is tasty in smoothies and is found in the Deeyammaramalicious Recipe on this website.

  • If you are having any grains/nuts do soak them over night to increase their absorption and decrease irritation for your gut

Some Food-based Supplements That Bring Good Nutrition in Easily:

  • Vital Proteins - collagen peptides - you can add these to hot/cold liquid as easy to digest protein

  • Organik - Bone Broth Powder - it tastes ok actually (-:

  • MCT oil/powder - nice to add to smoothies - we carry one brand in a glass container which we love.

  • Wheat grass - you can get frozen wheat grass cubes at Nutters/health food stores or powdered to add to smoothies

Final Tip: Meal plan. Getting some support from businesses that make healthy, ready to go meals is very helpful as you find your way. Edible Life and Canmore Kitchen in Canmore are two options and we have many local cafes that are health conscious such as Communitea, Bagel Co. and Tonic.

The bigger goal is to get the foundation of gut health strong as it affects wellness in so many ways from comfort to clarity and mood to energy. It is essential that the food you eat delights you so as you make your changes and try new things try to see it as the adventure it is and set the intention to not have to sacrifice pleasure for health. (-:

To your vibrant life! xo

To your vibrant life! xo


Dr. Monika Herwig ND is a Naturopathic Doctor, mother of 2, and a Trailblazer with Happy Healthy Women in Canmore, Alberta. She practices Mind-Body Medicine especially around Adrenal, Gut and Mental Health in her clinic and leads Wellness Workshops and Retreats locally and internationally (She Shines 2019: Eat. Play. Love. - November 23-30, 2019 at Dr. Monika supports heart-centered women shine their light and share their gifts with the world without burning out. She is especially passionate about supporting moms and kiddos and runs yearly Fairy Nature Camps for her clients’ children (and herself!).