Tip to Making Changes in Eating Habits Stick (and be doable and enjoyable!)

"What CAN I eat?!"

Sooooo much actually!

AND it can taste great and be healthy for you. (-: 

You are wishing to feel better and have more energy, less extra weight, better skin, no more x, y, z symptoms and you know that you need to make some changes in your eating habits.

Moving to a cleaner, less inflammatory diet can be overwhelming to start!

I work with clients daily to support them with this transition and want to share a couple things that have helped …. (-:

One thing my clients tell me that helps them make and stick to the changes is the mindset approach I invite them to take in this process. I suggest they let CURIOUSITY be their guide and to look at this 'changing of eating habits' as a project of 'building" something. 

Basically I recommend taking a piece of paper (can be a week long meal planning sheet) and writing a heading like, "Foods My Body Loves" on it or "Foods That Make Me Feel Good" with this sheet being the work-in-progress sheet that they add foods/meals/snacks they like on it during the process of discovering ones they enjoy …

I let the urgency drain out of the process by getting us to imagine that in “6 months” or “in a year” we will be eating healthier than now and we’ll as a habit … and enjoying it! …. often it happens quicker and more sustainably when people are relaxed about it and they are more likely to in the process not feel like they are falling off a wagon …but instead know that they are in the normal process of learning …

Working with one sheet like I mentioned helps clients see that they are making progress and it's centering to have one sheet vs big recipe books and lots of sheets all over/ideas written on the phone/computer.


My goal with you and your daily food choices is that what you eat be tasty (tasty food actually digests better) AND create the level of health you want for yourself … (-: xo, Dr. Monika