A Favourite Wellness Prayer from Annie at DNR (Dynamic Neural Retraining Program)

There is a Divine Intelligence that permeates every cell that I am

This boundless energy is always seeking its natural state of growth, love, harmony and joy

Just like a flower that blooms in the spring

This natural intelligence of life expresses as me and through me

I relax in my knowing of this innate power of life,

And I open myself completely to this Source in full surrender.

I feel nurtured, loved and cared for,

I feel peaceful and calm

Like an infant being rocked in the arms of an all knowing and all loving mother

My consciousness of this Greater Good motivates me

To be aware of and modify my thoughts, feelings and behaviours

To match this state of growth, love, harmony and joy

I consistently remind myself that my personal choices

assist me in creating this state

In recognition, I feel a warm and joyous energy in my heart

and I expand it easily and effortlessly.

I easily apply the tools to rewire my brain, transform my health and reclaim my life

I go anywhere I want to

I do anything I want

With ease and grace

I dance through life with boundless energy and unbridled joy.

I clearly see myself living a vibrant and engaging life

I feel connected to Spirit, to myself, to others and to the planet

I jump for joy as I hear the sound of my own voice celebrating my life

Of abundant energy and good health

Like a determined athlete

I have emerged a champion in my life.

I feel strong and confident

Knowing that my commitment to practice this new way of being

supports me in my Highest Good

Like seeds being blown by the wind

I spread my message of joy, hope and faith everywhere I go.

I open my heart and hands to the world in complete gratitude

I am blessed to live my life in vibrant health with an abundance of

Love, comfort and joy.

In every moment I choose to live in alignment with my knowing of vibrant health

I give thanks for all that is and release my knowing of this Greater Truth

Into the Universe

And so it is.