Support Pre and Post Surgery - Basic Protocol for Clients

Of course applying the basics in terms of optimizing the body’s capacity to heal such as incorporating yoga nidra into your day optimally am and pm, asking for and accepting help and eating an anti-inflammatory diet that is rich in nutrient rich whole organic foods. Blueberries are rich in bioflavonoids which help in healing tissue. Healthy soups are easy to digest and can be grounding and the warmth nourishing.

This supplement protocol may vary depending on the type of surgery and the individual but here’s some common recommendations to support recovery …

o   Arnica 200 CH – 3 pellets right after surgery and before bed that day and then Arnica 200 K – every hour after surgery – 3 – 5 times per day for first 5 days and then 2-3 times per day for next 10 days to help decrease inflammation in soft tissue.

o   Stay on probiotic pre and post surgery = HMF Antibiotic/HMF Intensive – 1, 2 times per day.

o   Post surgery: Wobenzyme Plus – 120 – 2, 2 times per day 45 minute away from food – for 1 month.

o   Chelidoniumplex – usually this is started as soon as possible when it is known a surgery is coming up and continued afterwards. It supports the lymphatic flow in the body. Whereas the blood brings in the groceries, the lymphatic system takes out the trash. This helps clear the body of the accumulated toxic load and clear out drug residues from the surgery.

o   Undas 1, 20, 243, 258 – 5 drops of each am and pm. This combination of undas works to break down and take toxins out of the system and supports the gut health as well.

o  It is commonly recommended to stop everything (including Multis, Fish oil, etc.) except probiotics and homeopathics 7 days before surgery. Resume afterwards.

o   I do recommend stopping homeopathics (undas) 3 days before and resuming after.

Surgery homeopathic mix you can make - Hypericum 30K, Staphysagria 30 K and Arnica 30 K 3 pellets of each 2-3 times per day. Hypericum treats nerve injury and pain, Arnica helps relieve trauma, edema, inflammation, and Staphysagria deals with the injury at an emotional and mental level. Start this combo the day before your procedure and continue for 1 week after or as advised by your ND.