Why "I AM" Affirmations Are So Effective And Play a KEY Role in Up-levelling Your Overall Health

We use the "I AM" (present) tense with the affirmations that we use as part of the yoga nidra and as part of the 9 month naturopathic foundations of wellness program . The understanding I want to pass on is that as you repeat it and internally absorb the feeling of it you are coming that much closer to actualizing that fully within you in THIS moment. By speaking as if you are already embodying the principle/emotion/virtue, you are not waiting for it to manifest at a future time. The seeds of all things are in all of us so with this I AM strategy the quality can truly awaken within you already now. Over time the brain wires this state of being within in you and it becomes an inherent part of who you are.

We include the discovery of a client’s heart desire in the first month of the wellness programs as it is such a simple yet potent way to support the practical changes from the inside out. Essentially when clients are coming in to be healthier and happier they are deciding to create some new habits. Of these habits the habits of the mind and habitual thought patterns (stories we tell ourselves) are often a significant part of what created the health imbalance and for sustainable, big changes elevating what we are telling ourselves so it’s in alignment is a game changer!

What quality do you want to grow in you that would support you in your health/life goals? What is your current I AM statement? I AM grounded, centered and free. I AM peace itself. I AM radiantly healthy. I am healthy, happy and whole.

Yoga Nidra will be one of the types of deeply restorative yoga that will be incorporated in the November 23-30, 2019 Restorative Yoga, Mindfulness and Art Reset Retreat in Mexico to empower and support you in replenishing from within. We will get the chance to take a deeper dive into the magic of Nidra in terms of rewiring your brain and realigning your life. (-: