Why "I AM" Affirmations Are So Effective And Play a Key Role in Up-levelling Your Overall Health

The "I am" (present) tense affirmations are what we use as part of the in clinic yoga nidra & acupuncture and group yoga nidra sessions at the yoga studios.

Using these in the yoga nidra is a brain-smart, efficient way to consciously create change in your health and life. As you repeat the affirmation (sankalpa is the yogi term) you activate the internal chemistry that goes along with this possibility bringing it into this moment. The brain doesn’t know what is real or imagined so by speaking and activating feeling as if you are already embodying the change : “I am calm”, “I am capable and clear”, “I ‘m ok just as I am in this moment”, “ I am healthy and strong” you start creating sustainable change in real time.

The seeds of all things are already and always in each of us so with this I AM strategy the quality you want to embody more is really just awakened by you wholeheartedly (with full feeling) affirming it. Over time this state just becomes an inherent part of who you are as nidra let’s you out this affirmation in the subconscious brain.

Yoga Nidra is a lying down, guided mindfulness Meditation

Yoga Nidra is a lying down, guided mindfulness Meditation

Why do I use this in practice and in groups?

When clients are coming in to be healthier and happier they are really deciding to create some new habits ... to do something differently. Of these habits, the habits of the mind (disempowering stories and thoughts we tell ourselves that run on autopilot) are often - I’ve noticed - a significant part of what creates suboptimal health. For lasting, sustainable change working with mindset is key and this is an easy, enjoyable way to address this.

So, your turn, what quality do you want to feel more of that would support you in your health/life/relationship goals? If that question doesn’t bring anything up, try completing this statement, “ When my health/life is as I most long for it to be I would feel ____________.” Use the blank as an “I am” statement and boom … you’re on your way there.

Would some more examples help?

Here’s some more common ones I hear or have used in group:

  • I AM grounded, centered and free.

  • I AM peace itself.

  • I AM radiantly healthy.

  • I am healthy, happy and whole.

  • I am at peace with myself as I am and the world as it is.

Picking the one that feels best is a good strategy.

Yoga Nidra is one of the forms of restorative yoga that will be incorporated November 23-30, 2019 at the Restorative Yoga, Mindfulness and Art Retreat in Mexico (She Shines 2019 ). This retreat was created to empower and replenish and connect you more deeply with your authentic, beautiful Self. During our week we will take you through a simple process to discover your ‘I am’ statement and dive deeper into the potency of Yoga Nidra in rewiring your brain, balancing hormones and realigning your life. You will have the opportunity to experience several yoga nidra group sessions. Yoga nidra in group and in nature - with the ocean as our background music … #bliss …

xo Dr. Monika

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