Next Level Your Health in 2019 With Our Supported 4 Session Detox Program

A 4 week Detox Program is available through the clinic where I teach you the essentials to getting healthy and staying healthy in regards to detoxification. Bodywork or acupuncture is included to support the process during the 4 weeks.

Why detox?

At the moment we live in a world where we are exposed to a  lot of toxins. The findings of studies where the umbilical chords of babies were tested for toxicity showed over 200 chemicals! Sad.

These toxins affect our brain, hormones and nervous system and basically our overall well-being. Even being a naturopathic doctor and having all the info on what a healthy diet is I find eating clean and optimally to be an 80% of the time thing especially when I am on the road and I am exposed to toxins in my water and my environment just on account of living and breathing.

The good news:

There are many things we CAN do to decrease our exposure to and the accumulation of toxins and we go through this step by step in the 4 week program.

A detox is where we give our organs of elimination specific extra support so it can clear not only the day to day but get working on the backlog … on decreasing our accumulated toxic load.

Giving our system a break by intentionally addressing and decreasing our toxic load really benefits the all of us - mood, skin, headaches, pain, inflammation, energy, memory, hormone balance.

If you are a parent doing this know that your kids would benefit from a reset too.

With my kids I have less control as they age over the sugar and foods they eat away from home but try to keep some foundational health supplements in our home routine: daily greens superfood, fish oils, vit D and probiotics. I do a child friendly detox with my kids yearly which just consists of me adding in some homeopathic drainage remedies to support their organs of elimination —- it’s in liquid format which works well for my 12 year old who has a tricky time with capsules/pills.

There are many cleanses and the best cleanse for you depends on you! 

Call the office (403) 609-8385 and book in to reset your system and decrease your toxic load with our 4 Session Detox Program or if you are a client already and want to figure out an unassisted cleanse to do for yourself book in for one session. In our time together we’ll find the cleanse format that works best for you and lighten your load. (-: xo