My 2018 Personal Recap and Reflections

If you haven’t reflected on 2018 there’s still time! Reflection helps integrate our experiences and see things in a different way.

2018 was the year …

-I fell in love
-The kids and I got caught in the 100 years storm while camping in Kauai
-I took my first level yoga therapy training
-My wuzband remarried
-My uncle Bruno died
-My mom's Parkinson took a turn for the worse
-I started writing songs again 
-I took my Booty Leader dance training
-The new relationship that began changed form
-My dog got into some dark chocolate and needed veterinarian intervention
-My daughter discovered a love of rock climbing 
- I took surfing lessons
- I saw a black cougar in a tree outside of Salmon Arm
- My 15 year old grew 3 inches and started teaching himself  piano and now my home is full of music
- I drove up the Ice fields - Jasper Parkway for the first time (blown away by the beauty!)
- I finished the Camino! My soul sistah Dr. Zhiish McKenzie MD met me at the ocean on the coast of Spain at the end of my 220 km final stretch of the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage and bought me a plate of huge prawns to celebrate!
-I hired a retreat planner to make my dream of facilitating wellness/empowerment retreats in gorgeous locations a reality and booked the venue!

Change and the unexpected are pretty much guaranteed aren't they  ... NONE of these were planned or anticipated this time last year but they made for a rich year!

How we flow (or don't) with the changes and surprises life naturally offers really affects our ride and our mojo ... 

I value and appreciate my health more than ever  since not having it for a period of my life and do my best to prioritize the things that nourish me on all levels.

Mindfulness practices, self-compassion, dance, addressing limiting beliefs with theta healing, acupuncture, yoga, time with friends, travel, music and time in nature have all helped me grow and flow this last year.

What about you? What helps you ride this crazy, wonderful ride of life AND get back on when you feel like you've fallen off?!

Here’s to a full, rich, healthy 2019! Much love, xo