Saturday Morning Shopping Tip: Buy a Butternut Squash!

Carbs in general are getting a bad rap these days and that’s a longer conversation but here’s a healthy carb that is worth putting in the shopping cart and on your meal plan this week.

Remember to cycle healthy carbs and protein if you’re working with improving sleep and energy and adrenal health - more protein with breakfast, more carb with supper is the coles notes version of that 😊. A handout on breakfast ideas that follow this rhythm can be downloaded from the home page here.

So, maybe you are like me and didn’t grow up eating squash and are not sure how to cook it, etc. It couldn’t be simpler!!! Just cut it length wise in half, place face down in a casserole dish/pan in the oven with a little water and set the timer for 45 -60 min - stick a fork in it and the fork will sink through it to confirm it’s ready. It’s tasty with ghee and some healthy salt or you can scoop out the cooked squash and make soup and too many other possibilities to mention ... tonite it’s part of our salmon patties! xo