Not Pooping & No More Monthly Bleeding? Not Great Combo For Aging Well

When we menstruate it is one powerful way we clear out toxins on a regular basis. When we stop we are losing our monthly detox and most women don’t understand (until they start feeling not as great) that they need to do more to support their organs of elimination to feel the same ‘good’ as before.

Having a bowel movement (poop) at least once a day is one piece of the body’s detoxification so here are some tips to make sure this is happening regularly and well.

Aside from the basic of drinking enough water and staying hydrated, here are 10 more tips:

  1. Moving your body so that lymph and blood circulation increase and help stimulate healthy bowel function

  2. Yoga therapy, massage, acupuncture, bowen osteopathy, chiropractic. All of these are working with restoring healthy flow to the organs and balance in the nervous system and can help you get regular.

  3. Consider using a stool to get your body in good alignment when you poop. You can buy them just for this but any stool that raises you knees will help. One teacher taught us that it’s important to exhale when you poop to help you have the complete bowel movement your body wants you to have!

  4. Rebalance the gut. The state of your microbiome can absolutely affect the nerves in your gut that are responsible for moving things along.

  5. Greens daily with breakfast/supper.

  6. Fiber rich foods like sweet potatoes, squash, oat brain, brown rice. Increase them.

  7. Increase your seeds: hemps seeds (my fave!), chia, pumpkin and ground flax seeds

  8. Get some oat bran into the mix as a quick, fiber rich breakfast.

  9. Increase vegetables: To add nutrition and fiber I love to shred veggies like carrots and beets and add them to whatever I am having from a grain, to meat, to salad. Throwing hemp seeds on these is simple too.

    Diet, movement and addressing gut health are the 3 keys to aging well and supporting healthy elimination. Try incorporating some of these. (-: To your health! Dr. Monika

PS - How would it be to have a professional in your health court to help make sense of what is best for you and your body? Does having regular coaching and accountability within a committed container of time seem like it would help you reach your goals and create the habits you’ve been wanting to? Many people start making health changes only to hit a roadblock of some kind and slip back into old habits or get overwhelmed by the amount of (often conflicting) info on different diets on the internet.

Studies say guidance, accountability and commitment is a game changer for creating lasting change.

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