Nourished, Centered Mama Essentials: Meal Planning Templates

The most important thing to schedule in is a time to meal plan.

Sunday nite works for many moms but schedules are different so try something for a month and stay curious as to what works for you. Even though it seems like an extra thing to do that you don’t feel you have the time/bandwidth for once you get in the rhythm of it you will see that it is the best spent 30 minutes of the week!

A mom’s energy in particular is drained by ‘over thinking’ so part of my goal with working with families is to get whatever we can on auto pilot. It’s a habit that you do regularly or that someone else does that helps that all (-: Otherwise, you are thinking about what to eat and when to clean and do I need to water the plants? etc. … feeling behind/overwhelmed. Routines decrease our cognitive load down and increase our energy, clarity and calm .

As you know if you are a client I like to give lots of space for the transitioning to a healthier lifestyle food wise. I like to decrease overwhelm by just using one 1 week meal plan sheet that you work on and build your week diet with.

The first thing I recommend after you print off your meal plan is to add the meals/snacks that you are currently eating that fit with your new way of eating. Then the next step is to start filling in the blanks. This could take days, weeks, months … stay curious and committed.

Here’s a 2 week meal plan template that I like …

Print it off, fill it in and bring it in to our next visit so I can be there to help fine tune it and build it. This is a working copy that you will continue to tweak. (-:

This is one of the ways I help people create some strong foundations for health. It is part of the nutrition and diet assessment piece of my health transformation programs.

If you are sick of being tired and chasing symptoms and are ready for a change in the direction of your health come in to talk about the Naturopathic Wellness Foundations Coaching Programs. I created these because I noticed that it is easier for people to create sustainable change in their health when they have support and have made a committed to themselves. These are step by step programs that range from 3-9 months depending on your needs. Some other benefits are that the consults are discounted in this format (so you save money), you will have a manageable way to implement the changes (step out of the “starting and stopping and starting from the beginning again” pattern) and get to that next level with your health. Any supplements you need will be available to you at 20% off as another support for you! (403) 609-8385 to book …xo