I'm Trying to Get Pregnant Naturally. Can Yoga Therapy Help Me?

The Yoga therapy I practice as part of my naturopathic practice is great for people who want to address the root of their symptoms and self heal. Sometimes I combine it with acupuncture. It creates the conditions for tension and stress to release from the body and mind and is great for addressing poor digestion, overwhelm, adrenal health, headaches and yes, infertility. It addresses any tension/stress stuck  in the body. There is often imbalance physically and/or energetically in the pelvis when a women is having a hard time conceiving. Women will know after one session if this will help. This is a great therapy to do prior to pregnancy in any case so any old unprocessed energy/tension that is in the pelvis can be cleared. This energy gets stirred up during labour and delivery so it is nice to address it before.

How do I know if I even have any stuck energy?

Good question. Most people whose health is not optimal do. Try this: Take a second to think of something that is currently stressful or is bugging you and bring your attention inward to where the tension/sensation of stuckness shows up in your body when you think of it. That stuck energy in the body is what this therapy releases. For infertility we work with the pelvis and the whole hormonal circuit including the adrenals which are often involved. Stuck energy leads over time to illness - this is at the basis of Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Tai Chi and other Eastern perspectives on health. With infertility the flow is affected. There are other pieces we address naturopathically but this is a game changer.

Yoga Therapy is a gentle, restorative treatment that truly addresses the root cause. Come book in and try! 403 609-8385