What Can I Do About My Spring Allergies? Looking For A Drug-Free Approach ...

Someone asked me this the other day, here’s how I see it from a body systems, naturopathic perspective…

With any immune system symptoms the gut is key - restoring health here ripples out in all systems especially immune as 80% of our immune system is there. Having said that the health of the gut is so influenced by our nervous system and stress that I often find that if gut health isn’t improved by removal of common food sensitivities and inflammatory foods then working with emotions and stress is key. Supporting the adrenals is often needed when we assess the whole picture.

Symptoms such as allergies are a sign that something deeper needs balancing. Aside from restoring health to the gut, the addressing of the body’s toxin load is another important often overlooked area that lies deeper than the symptoms the body is presenting with. The body’s systems of elimination can be supported to work at a more optimal level with herbs and other natural remedies including certain foods. There are many excellent supports available for this - I like the results I see from the unda line of detox remedies.

So, diet, gut, stress, detox! This may sound like a lot but step by step it is doable and the good news is that addressing these three (or whatever combo of these is indicated for you) will as a side benefit improve your energy and many other aspects of your overall health. (-:

There are lots of acute homeopathic that can help symptomatically while you address these foundations. Supplements and herbs that strengthen the cell membrane of the mast cells (the cells that hold the histamine so they are less likely to release) has been helpful for many of my clients - Nettle tea is great for this and the supplement Quercitin at therapeutic levels makes a difference if you start 2-3 months before.

I hope some of these tips and this bigger picture understanding helps you.

I have had allergies so bad in the past from an inflamed gut that resulted from eating things I didn’t know I was sensitive too and my friend counted me sneezing 40 times in a row trying to cross a street in the south of Spain … I so know how exhausting this can be …

If you would like to dive deeper and have support in addressing the particular root cause/s that are under your allergy symptoms, book in through the link below.

May you breathe easier and have better energy this Spring! xo Dr. Monika

Dr. Monika Herwig ND has lived and practiced Naturopathic Medicine in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Canmore, Alberta for over 20 years. She supports passionate women who support others and have visions they care about to contribute and shine their light in the world without burning themselves out. Individuals who are interested in a long term wellness and living a life of freedom, peace and joy and staying true to themselves and what they hold dear. She uses a holistic, functional medicine East-West approach in addressing (and getting rid of for good) superficial symptoms! (-: Dr. Monika views symptoms as just a sign that one of the three main foundations in the body is out of balance. These 3 foundations are CLEAR , CALM, CREATE. Symptoms whether they be allergies, low energy, weight gain abdominally, frequent colds, PMS, anxiety, headaches, infertility, digestion being off, adult acne, eczema, low thyroid are all a call to action from our beautiful bodies pointing us to what area/s are out of balance so we can take the first next step to get those foundations back. Dr. Monika has created Naturopathic Foundations Coaching Programs around these three principles to give you the support that she has found creating change and changing habits needs. (403) 609-8385 to call in to book.