CALM: Adrenal & Nervous System Balance with Tuning Forks for All Ages

When you tap a tuning fork and put it up to your ear you hear its unique frequency.

Our body and each organ have frequencies that are optimal and restoring these leads to increased health. Tuning forks work in this way. It’s part of a growing wave of Sound Therapy popularity that you may have experienced with Sound Bowls at the end of a yoga class.

In the tuning fork system I work with the frequencies of 2 different tuning forks are brought together to form a sound interval that when placed on an acupuncture point on the body for healing benefits to be experienced..

The tuning forks are simple and non-invasive (and feel pretty neat!) so it’s effective and easy for children or people who who are drawn to the benefits of Chinese medicine and acupuncture but have a phobia of needles and love of music/sound.


It is beneficial in balancing the nervous system, relaxing the muscles and supporting hormonal and adrenal balance.  The benefits are different for everyone, but generally feeling lighter, less brain fog, more energy, relaxed and ‘feeling well’ are common.

In the clinic’s Naturopathic Coaching Foundations of Wellness Program this treatment falls into the CALM/Restorative Phase where we are working to rebalance the nervous system, restore adrenals and hormonal health. It works on restoring the adrenal glands capacity so you have the feeling that you have what it takes to meet whatever comes. As a result relaxation, and patience increases, anxiety decreases. Improved sleep, detoxification, brain clarity, and mood are common areas that improve.

Working with tuning forks is part of energetic medicine just like acupuncture and yoga therapy. This works on the underlying root causes of whatever is going on on a physical level.

Everyone is unique and you are peeling back layers of stuck energy(unkinking the hose analogy). This work is cumulative and works in layers so the more you do it the more you benefit.  Having 1 session per week for 3 weeks is a good place to start.

What to expect …

This treatment is generally done clothed except for socks. You lie on the massage table and chill out and the forks are tapped and then placed on certain acupuncture points to balance.

Sensations you might have during the treatment:

  • tingling, sleepiness, heat, relaxed, feeling well, heaviness

Maximizing the benefits post treatment …

Epsom or Himalayan Salt bath is a great way to maximize benefits of the session if you are experiencing any detox symptoms like headaches, flu-like symptoms, waves of emotion, loose stools or fatigue.  Staying hydrated is very important too.