Supplement Spotlight for Women With Sugar Cravings and Low Energy

Multi Glyco has been a client favourite for over 20 years.

It covers so many bases and is very cost effective for all you get.

  1. Your B vitamins for stress resiliency and energy

  2. Nutritional support for helping keep blood sugar balanced

  3. Herbs and nutritional glandular support for the adrenals and pancreas

  4. It also includes nutrients that are harder to get from our foods these days as our soils have been found to be deficient in them: Selenium, Manganese, Iodine, Zinc, Chromium.

    Organic foods and foods from biodynamic farms have shown to have higher levels of nutrients and so choosing the sources of your foods makes a difference . The nutrients from point #4. are good ones to include in your supplements!

Recommended dose -  1, 2 times per day usually best taken with breakfast and lunch. May want to add one around 2-3 pm if your energy follows a low adrenal pattern and you normally crave some kind of pick me up like chocolate, sugar or caffeine at this time. Take a Multi Glyco with a healthy snack and head out for some fresh air and a walk or a yoga nidra at this time to restore and reset.