Supplement Spotlight for Infections - A Natural, Potent Antibacterial To Have On Hand

The Berberis Formula by Genestra is packed with some of my favourite herbal medicinals.

It is a great broad spectrum antimicrobial to have on hand to support your body naturally at the first sign of a cold or GI bug.

Acutely (i.e. at the first sign of bug) you can go up to 6-9/day (2-3, 3 times per day) for the first 5 days and then slowly taper off to 2, 2 times per day for 3-4 days and then cut again so you're off it totally by day 12.

Immune tip: I always include fresh ginger tea in my self-care/let’s get better routine. It is great to support my immunity and digestion and you can make that usually wherever you are - 5 thin slices of fresh ginger boiled up - the longer you boil more potent the tea. Oh, and NO sugar while you are sick if you want to get well quicker.! Avoiding mucous forming foods like dairy and wheat is helpful too … (-: