CLEAR: Easy, Fun Movement to Optimize Energy, Clarity and Gentle Detox For Moms

Moving in a way that we enjoy and is of course good for our health and so key to our wellness on all levels. If you love it and it’s in a doable routine it will be sustainable and create wellness and support detoxification and flow - one of the 3 foundational wellness principles I work on optimizing with clients.

I love doing activities that engage my body, mind and heart ... my connection to and love of my body and life. Booty dance does this for me, so does hiking, swimming in lakes, running, biking, certain types of yoga and playing sports.

Then there’s the rebounder …

Growing up my dad was always interested in health and I can still remember how excited he was when he came home with a rebounder! When we bought our first home 30 years later you can guess what our house warming gift from him was. Yup. A rebounder! Who knew that he was onto something that is now know to be so good for you.

Rebounding is something that makes me feel like a kid and the health benefits are a-mazing! It is gentler on my body than running and time wise it is a much more efficient workout. Rebounding is great for pelvic floor wellness, joint and bone health, lymphatic health (clearing cellulite and improving immune function!) and the fun factor helps the body destress and the bounce brings a bigger, fuller breath and more energy.

Even 11 minutes/day has great effects and I just learned that there are online workouts (of course there are!) When I’m working at home and energy is waning a 5 minute bounce clears the cobwebs and lifts the energy.

To be clear … of course I still recommend getting outside and participating in outside-the-home group classes if they spark joy for you but I know that during some days/seasons of our life it’s just harder to get exercise in and the simpler the better. You can talk on the phone and bounce or watch “Queer Eye” and bounce or do it with a child or free dance on it, watch the rest of the family do chores around you as you bounce … obviously the possibilities are endless!

So, if you are someone who moves their body less in the winter or just less than you want in general and are looking for a gentle, fun, effective way to support your health well here is a ink of a 11 minute rebounding session to get your party started …

To your health and happiness! xo, Dr. Monika

Dr. Monika Herwig ND is a Naturopathic Doctor, Yoga Nidra and Yoga Therapy Facilitator, mother of 2, and a Trailblazer with Happy Healthy Women in Canmore, Alberta. She practices Mind-Body Medicine especially around Adrenal, Gut, Hormonal and Mental Health in her clinic and leads Wellness Workshops and Retreats locally and internationally. Dr. Monika supports heart centered women shine their light and share their gifts with the world while staying healthy, calm and energized and without burning out. She is especially passionate about supporting moms and moms to be and their families. (403) 609-8385 to call to book or to book online.