Instapot Quickies - Cooking Vegetables and Grains in Less Than 5 Minutes

Spent some days this summer visiting a friend who uses their Instapot several times per day and I gleaned some simple time saving tips for our healthy eating pleasure!

Aside from the normal settings on your Instapot there’s the possibility of using it as a pressure cooker for whatever you’d like to cook just by adjusting the timer. Here’s some times for GRAINS

Oats - 5 minutes on high pressure - 2 cups water/1 cup steel cut oats

Quinoa - 3 minutes on high pressure - 1 cup water to 1 cup quinoa (after you rinse the quinoa)

Bonus: what to cook your beans quickly? just 20 minutes on high pressure after soaking them overnight


With veggies, place steamer/stainer in there and 1 inch of water.

Asparagus, Broccoli - 0 min (in inch of water - place steamer/strainer in there)

Carrots - 2 min

Instapot is so great for families not only for getting a healthy meal on the table in less time but also in being able to walk away from it and not worry about over cooking/burning food any more. 5 ***** (-:

As my friend mantras, “Set it and forget it.” Caroline Vlessides