Fave Supplement Spotlight: NeuroProtect Px for Optimizing Brain Health As We Age

Neuro-Protect Px - Brain Health
This is SUCH a great product. Restorative Formulations gets an A+ for creating yet another stellar formula to support us aging well physically and mentally and cognitively!

What is it for?

In a word 'brain health'. It supports focus, cognition and memory and balances the neurotransmitters. 


What's in it?
The formula contains the fruiting body of organic Lion's Mane and organic Ashwagandha.

Lion's Mane provides terpenoids which cross the blood brain barrier - this is rare and why it can have such a powerful effect on brain health. It's rich in compounds called polysaccharides as well and.together these compounds provide neuroprotection and support production of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). This is a huge deal.

What You Most Need To Know About Choosing a Lion’s Mane Product

So Lion's Mane is rocking the brain health, natural health world and research labs right now. If you want in on the wonderful benefits the research is finding it is key you know that it's all about the mushroom's fruiting bodies and not so much the mycelium.

**** This means that when you buy a Lion's Mane product make sure that you get one that says "fruiting body" on the ingredient listing. Restorative Formulations takes such care in the raw ingredients that go into their products. In this case a recent study showed that this here formula has 5 times the concentration of the good stuff (the neuro-protective terpenoids) compared to 5 other brands.

Ashwagandha is the second ingredient. Working with the root cause of symptoms in my experience involves addressing and transforming stress. Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb which adrenal glands love. It is one of my top favourite herbs out of all the thousands of medicinal herbs out there. It offers stress protection to the nervous system and enhances well-being and cognitive function.  

Final thoughts … I sure appreciate Neuro-protect Px for its simplicity, potency and that I am not paying for anything I don't want - like fillers/binders.

With a mother that has Parkinsons disease I do what I can to support my nervous system health and am grateful for products I can trust. Thanks RF!

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To your health and happiness! xo