Safe, Effective Breastfeeding Support for Mom and Babe: Latest Research & Favourite Local Product

Rumina Naturals is a Calgary based company that arose out of the passion of a Calgary Herbalist and Calgary ND to support moms and babes during pregnancy and that first year together out of the womb. They are becoming a favourite of family naturopathic care clinics, lactation centers and midwifery clinics in Alberta and beyond.

Their best seller is Milk-a-Plenty and the ingredient list surprised me and on reflection really impressed me. It is a thoughtful, holistic postpartum formula that takes into account the postpartum period from a bigger perspective with herbs to address not only the nutritive piece and lactation piece but also the mood piece - the anxiety and depression that is commonly part of this time for many mothers.


This great formula comes at a time when we know it is not optimal for mamas to take the pharmaceutical Domperidone to increase milk supply. Health Canada put out a health advisory on the product 4 years ago and it is currently banned is the United States.

Milk a Plenty is a researched, therapeutic dose lactation support formula. Here’s what you’ll find in it …

It has Moringa (nutritive powerhouse), Vervain (anxiey and depression) and Milk thistle (liver protector and powerful galactagogue).

Latest News: Fenugreek is a very common herb you would have seen in breast feeding formulas in the past but you won’t find it in this formula as it has fallen out of favour with medical lactation consultants for several reasons. High amounts of Fenugreek have been linked to issues with gas and pain in babies and a high dose can be unfavourable for pre-existing or postpartum thyroid issues which are not uncommon nowadays and play into postpartum mental wellness for many women.

When will I notice something? Notice of improvement often is seen within a week at the standard 2 dropperfuls 3x/day. Take it based on your health practitioner’s input for 1 month to 6 weeks and wean slowly once you are where you want to be.

To pick up a bottle or address some niggling health concerns/goals call the office at (403) 609-8385.

To your health and happiness mama! xo Dr. Monika

Dr. Monika Herwig ND is a Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Yoga Nidra and Yoga Therapy Facilitator, mother of 2, and a Trailblazer with Happy Healthy Women in Canmore, Alberta. She practices Mind-Body Medicine especially around Adrenal, Gut, Hormonal and Mental Health in her clinic and leads Wellness Workshops and Retreats locally and internationally.

Dr. Monika supports thoughtful, smart women shine their light and share their gifts while staying healthy, calm and energized (and bypassing the all to common path to burnout that shows up as low energy, overwhelm, weight gain, headaches, hormonal symptoms, poor sleep or poor digestion). She is passionate about supporting moms and moms to be and their families as well as any woman navigating one of the key 7 year transitions which occur around 35, 42, 49 years or any big life change so she can move forward in her life in the way she truly is called to.

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