Wrestling and Pillow Fights - Staying Connected during Divorce

I listened to an excellent program the other evening by Larry Cohen on the Power of Play in Healing and Staying Connected and have been having a lot of fun integrating my learnings.

He talked about the importance of play in healing and in supporting the processing of big feelings. Children can feel a loss of power and disconnection during divorce and other challenging times and this kind of play is wonderful because it allows us to stay connected (physically) while the processing happens.

I have found it interesting that my children have started wrestling and tickling this last year …intuitively. They get home and its not long before I hear, "Last one on the bed gets tickled" and then lots of rough and tumble and laughter. 


 I had brought in the pillow fighting with an intention to connect and play together a couple months ago and really understand what Larry means. My son is a very gentle soul who when I or anyone asks about the separation he says , "Oh that, I'm fine with it." I suspect it's hard for him to feel what he's feeling and it's so great to see him move the energy. Larry said that laughter moves stuck energy - sadness/angry/grief  - just as much as tears - I do feel a bit lighter after a good pillow fight ….