I'm the right doctor for you if:

  • you are looking for both a doctor and a coach rolled into one, a true partner in moving forward

  • you believe that your health is a reflection of your life or at the very least feel like it is really impacting your life

  • you are interested in getting to the root of what is going on 

Can you answer 'YES' to any of these statements ...

  • you are ready to feel better on all levels and keen to make a positive shift in your current state of health
  • you are feeling stuck and are finding yourself in a transition in some area of your life
  • you have a lot on your plate and you struggle to balance it
  • you suspect that supporting your physical body will help you move your life forward

One of the strengths of an ND is having multiple tools that can be customized to your health needs. Dr. Monika's skill set includes nutritional optimization, acupuncture, mindfulness & meditation, yoga nidra, herbal medicine, bowen therapy and life and mindset life coaching.



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If you are ready to create a better life and not just better health for you and your family call the office today to get started! I would love to support you on this journey. Know that the energy, calm, clarity and better health you desire is possible.  To book an initial appointment call clinic reception and speak with Jill or Joyce - (403) 609-8385. 

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Raising healthy, happy, relaxed children  and bringing play and peace into the family home is an area of post-graduation expertise.  Dr. Herwig supports moms with their physical health  (balanced energy) and mental health (peace of mind) so they can feel their best and be healthy, aligned leaders for their children.

She provides support and mentorship for parents wishing to build a solid foundation for whole life health for their child and address their child's development and common childhood illnesses from a holistic perspective. Raising calm, connected, joyful kids while staying connected to their own inner joy. Dr. Monika writes regularly for moms through her naturopathic mama blog and hosts mom as well as child programs and retreats.

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Healthy Pregnancy and Beyond Naturopathic Wellness Program that covers the Naturopathic Essentials for growing a healthy, happy family from conception onwards. Natural, safe ways to feel good and stay vibrant during your pregnancy, keys to creating a calm baby starting in pregnancy, key naturopathic support techniques for labour, delivery and recovery and natural health care for postpartum needs. 

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