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Dr. Monika Herwig BSc ND

Dr. Monika Herwig BSc ND, is a mother to two children and one puppy, a medically focused Yoga Instructor, a Yoga Nidra (Restorative Sleep) Facilitator and has completed the Life Coaching Foundations Training (which she loves!). She has been practicing Naturopathic Medicine and running  Wellness programs in the Bow Valley since 2000. Dr. Herwig attracts clients who are keen to take charge of their own health and wish to use natural remedies and  a whole person approach.  Optimizing digestion, detoxification, adrenal and thyroid function and transforming stress are common areas Dr. Herwig mentors her clients on so they have a strong, solid foundation for creating and maintaining a high level of energy, ease and inspiration in their lives. 

In addition to her naturopathic medical tools (acupuncture, nutrition, herbs, bowen therapy and homeopathy) she advocates the use of art, storytelling, nature connection, mindfulness, yoga, laughter and play in getting and staying healthy. Dr. Monika works together with parents, caregivers and teachers to create healthy foundations for children so they can have the capacity in mind and body to thrive in our changing world.




  • 1996 - 1999 - completed 4 year post-graduate naturopathic medicine training at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • 1996 - completed her undergrad at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C. focusing on plant and animal ecology. This undergrad degree took her on some self-directed semester projects on herbal medicine in the Mayan villages and glorious Rainforests of Central and South America. She also spent a summer in Bamfield, B.C.  focusing on Rainforest Ecology and First Nations Medicine.
  • 2000 - This love of nature drew her and her family to create home in the stunning Bow Valley.
  • Dr. Herwig enjoys travelling and working abroad - in Mexico (at an orphanage), Germany (at a Nature based Spa Hospital) and in Spain (as a teacher).
  • Completed 500 hour, 2 year Yoga Teacher Training in 2008 and incorporates this in her practice and retreats seeing the powerful affect proper breathing and a flexible body brings to all aspects of one's life. 
  • 2011 - completed year long Foundations Studies Program and Intensive Waldorf Education Teacher Training
  • 2013 - spent 3 weeks walking the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain - this has influenced the services she brings to her naturopathic practice and her understanding of the health benefits on the physical body of cultivating mindfulness or "presence" with ourselves and with our world and the power of 'heart treks.'
  • 2016 - completed Basic Yoga Nidra Facilitator training as well as Yoga Nidra Advanced and Kids Training through the Amrit Yoga Institute in Florida and on the Sunshine Coast to help teach people how to get into a state of healing and decrease (and transform) the impact of stress on the body. 30 minutes of this type of guided meditation is said to be equivalent to 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Very restorative. (-:
  • 2017 - Completed Basic DNA and the Advanced DNA Theta Healing Workshops in Calgary to support clients in identifying and shifting limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of a relaxed, joyful, and satisfying life and relationship with your children, partner, friends and family. Figuring out underlying beliefs that contribute to disease and changing (rewiring) the program/beliefs that keep you stuck, overwhelmed, down, irritated or pooped is a game changer.


Dr. Herwig focuses on education and creating life-affirming habits in her practice and her workshops believing in the power of prevention and lifestyle in creating a healthy life. In this age of information overload Dr. Herwig feels strongly that creating space for self-discovery and calm is key in living our lives from inspired action vs reaction/default … in actually living lives that feel like ours.  


A babe's first environment has a great influence on future health. Research is discovering that a mother's biochemical patterns of stress are experienced in utero by the growing child and can set stress response patterns up that carry into life. Research is also showing us that having some degree of toxic load in today's day and age is extremely common (but not at all supportive of our health on many levels). Addressing this before pregnancy reaps massive health rewards for a growing child's health short and long term and so customized supervised pre-pregnancy detoxification programs are popular for women for whom good health is a priority

Birth to age 7 is a potent time to be able to as parents offer our children a solid foundation for life-long wellness. It is its own unique time and understanding the developmental needs of your child on all  levels can be empowering and nourishing for the whole family. 

Post-Partum Support

The time post-partum is a new, challenging time and Dr. Monika has a special interest in supporting new parents in creating a healthy foundation for their children and has found that this happens best when the mama's needs are met, when the parents have a good understanding of what is most needed at different stages, when the parents have a support system and when the parents have some naturopathic tools and education at their fingertips to ease through the bumps, bruises, belly aches and fevers that can show up at this time. 

Dr. Herwig's Soulful Mothering Courses and Present Moment Parenting work help parents be conscious about the child's needs for nourishment on all levels and offers parents natural tools (essential oils, hydrotherapy, herbal medicine, storytelling) and support so they feel empowered in moving through common childhood illnesses and the bumps and bruises of these precious years.    
    In addition to Dr. Herwig's Naturopathic Training she has been trained in Waldorf Education with a strong focus on therapeutic storytelling and Child Development.
      Her expertise in Childhood Development allows a deeper understanding and richer toolbox to support parents and caregivers in a holistic and practical way to meet and nourish the child in their care where they are at. This translates to tangible, often simple yet profound applications in home and school life. 
   Empowering incorporation of self-care, play and inner work for the parents, care givers and teachers to cultivate balance and joy and prevent burnout.

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