Fairy Nature Camp Creator

A 3-Module Program for Adults Wishing to Offer a Camp in Their Community/School

Everything You Need to Know to Run a Magical, Fairy Nature/Art Camp

Welcome friend! The fact that you have made it to this page tells me we must be kindred spirits and that you love children and treasure childhood. Thank you for all you already do to keep the magic and beauty of childhood alive.

I have created this 3-Module Program so you can create  Magical Fairy Nature Camps throughout the year in your own neck of the woods.

What the Program Includes …

  • 3-Module Program with Templates and Audios

  • 40 page plus Comprehensive Activity Reference Guide

  • FB Community Page to Share Resources/Collaborate Together As You Wish

  • Bonus: Audio of the Favourite Songs Used in the Camps from Arrival to Closing. Designed to Accompany the First Section of the Activity Reference Guide.

  • Bonus: Marketing Tips PDF

  • Bonus: Past Queen Mother Fairy Letters Collection 

  • Bonus: 2 Day 'Winter's Here' Boreal Fairy Forest Camp Package 

Dr. Monika's Fairy Nature Camp Back Story

As a mom I have always felt most at peace and soul happy when I am out in nature with my children and their friends, soaking up the magic that unfolds in this most amazing of play-scapes. I knew I wanted to support this relationship with my children and I also knew that if I wasn't intentional about it they would miss out on what  I have come to understand as a foundational resource for lifetime vitality --- our connection with nature. 

In 2009, I started looking for a way to engage my children in nature and support their connection in a way that really met them where they were at and I noticed that children - mine and others - naturally loved Fairies. Even though I had limited experience with leading groups of children or creating events (except for birthday parties) when my naturopathic doctor asked me one day when I was in the Zen zone at the end of a treatment what I was going to create next, "Nature Fairy Camps for Kids!" came out to both our surprise (and in the end, delight!). So it began.

Fairy Camp memories are rich and run deep in our home. Every year I tell my daughter that this is probably the last Summer Fairy Camp I'll run and every year the impulse rises in me to host a Camp or two and I cannot not! The camps are so enjoyable for facilitators and participants alike - even though the camps have had up to 15 children and takes some good planning and energy I always feel better in all ways after leading a camp. Somehow it is not depleting at all!

Why the Fairy Nature Camp Creator Program?

  • For years adults have been asking when they get to go to a Fairy Camp(!). (-: These requests,  and the vision of Fairy Camps happening in neighbourhoods all over the world, has been the fuel behind this Fairy Nature Camp (in your town) Training. It was  initially designed to support moms and teachers who are keen on nature connection to bring more play into their own life while creating magical lifelong memories for children.

Save Time and Energy While Providing an Unforgettable Experience for Your Children ...  

  • Many of us want this kind of  experience for the children in our care but done from scratch can feel like more of a task then what we have resources for.  Where to start, where do I find resources, etc.

  • Dr. Monika has spent hundreds of hours creating and running these camps as well as the stories and rhymes and adventures and Fairy Queen letters that weave their way through the Fairy Nature Camp days. She has condensed her Camp Creation experiences into an easy-to-use format for you to work from - still leaving lots of opportunity for you to easily add your own creativity as you are inspired. 

  • This 3-Part training provides you with templates and resources to simplify the process so that even the first one you run goes smoothly (enough!). 

Who is this Training For?

  • In truth anyone who is heart-centered and nature loving who enjoys being with children and nature will love creating and offering these camps.

  • Children in day homes or homeschooling groups would surely be thrilled by caregivers/parents putting this together for them!

  • Moms, Schools, Daycares, Community Center Summer Camp Leaders and nature loving grandparents have purchased this Program.

This program was designed knowing that your life is full and it can be hard to get to anything extra. Each Module has an audio component (some with Powerpoint so you can get a visual glimpse of past Camp activities) and a Template to fill in so can be designing your unique Camp as you take in the Module Content.   

Module 1: Getting Down to Basics * Take the first step to making your Fairy Camp a reality by getting clear on the basics. Leave Module 1 with all you need to know to have the basics in place and advertise.  Begin to discover your fairy camp "theme", where to host it, and how to promote it to the community (Getting Started Template included for extra ease!)

Module 2: Bringing in the Structure that Holds the Magic *  Understand the Flow of a Fairy Nature Camp Day and modify it to your camp (Flow of the Day Sample Template included).   Further exploration into Fairyesque Themes to weave in to delight the children, and a deeper dive into the unique considerations we take into account for the First Day of Camp. Access the List of the Most Loved Fairy Stories, Songs, and Activities.

Module 3: Making it Real: Logistics and Magical Infusion*  Learn the things that bring the Camp alive. Access to Pre and Post letters and the sample Fairy Queen Letters to inspire you ... Walk through tips that make a Camp successful, and enjoyable for everyone including you! Pre-Camp Checklists provided to make it easy for you to feel confident even with the first Camp.

Hip hip hurray! This program will allow soul nourishing, eco-conscious Fairy Nature Camps to be available to children everywhere. You can do this!

Be on your way to creating Magical Fairy Nature Camps in your neck of the woods simply by clicking on the Paypal button. *


This will give you Lifetime Access to any updates that I add to the course in the future. Let the Magic Making begin ... 

$147 CAD Full Program Price

"If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in." Rachel carson

"If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in." Rachel carson

"May this initiative contribute to the deeper sense of belonging, joy and connection that play, nature and the arts nurture in all of us." Dr. Monika