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Aromatherapy in the Home 

Our olfactory system is so tied to our nervous system and memories.  We all know that scents can have a profound effect on our mood - freshly baked bread, vanilla, ocean, puppies, coconut oil suntan lotion …. we all have our favourites that truly can align our nervous system to peace and bring us to our happy place very quickly. They are powerful. Using essential oils is one of my family's favourite, most welcome ways to heal - from burns to warts to imaginary fears that are preventing sleep - there's an oil for everything! One added benefit is to the breath - stress and anxiety can often accompany childhood challenges - for the child and his/her discomfort and for the parent  …well you know … we love 'em, we can worry and a lot of the work of parenting can be learn as you go. Staying centered and calm is key - we are teaching our children how to deal with challenges by how we navigate stressful moments - and I like how the essential oils calm me and allow me to be there more fully with my breath and act more intentionally and intuitively. The beautiful smells have my kids automatically breathing deeper and we all know how powerful the breath is at creating a state in the body that is conducive to healing.

Having a diffuser at home is very helpful - especially in busy stressful times  but really it's a great daily home health enhancer - cleaning and oxygenating the air and uplifting moods - making grump bumps less sticky! I have 2 diffusers and lots of essential oils - out of these the best quality, and best deal I've found that I recommend for those keen to bring oils in simply is the Premium Starter Kit by Young Living Essential Oils.  You get  11 of their most popular oils plus a great quality diffuser for only $185 CAD (need to be on Canada site when ordering) - good diffusers can cost around this so this is a steal of a deal - and of course the diffuser can be used for any essential oils you have - quality is key with oils to enjoy the health benefits. You can put any oils in the diffuser.

Good news  

Another colleague  in town set me up so I can get wholesale prices on my next orders and act as a rep so you can too.  You can contact Shonna at essentialoilscanmore@ or (403) 679-8083 if you're keen to get the diffuser and kit/have any questions.

Favourite Young Living products

The blends are outstanding: Peace and Calming - so delicious, Valor - wow!, Lavender (good for so much from burns, to restlessness, to cold sores, to infections - as I mentioned in previous newsletters, Lavender is one of those oils where you only need a little bit - less is more!) , Thieves - a great blend for viruses and bacteria - put it in the diffuser when cold season is around and let it nourish your respiratory passages and your lungs with its immune enhancing properties - incredibly effective.

The booklet on the kit from Young Living Oils  is the most compact and thorough I've ever seen - you'll feel confident right away to support yourself and your family in staying healthy and healing quickly. Such a beautiful way to bring wellness to the body and to nourish your family's nervous system in such a gentle, yummy way. It's such a welcome medicine for kids and to see and to feel your confidence in supporting them when they are  not feeling well, are going through transition or are injured goes beyond anything else. Go mama go! 

If there's  a particular oil/bend you would like to try, let the office know as we order monthly and often can add your request to our orders. Best sellers are: Thieves(immunity and travel), Peace and Calming(ahhh) and for beautiful skin, Frankincense. Call (403) 609-8385 or e-mail for this.

The Premium Starter Kit ($200) comes with 10 oils - Peace & Calming, Valor, Lemon, Thieves, Pan Away, Peppermint, Purification, Frankincense and Joy and the Lotus shaped diffuse (they have NOW upgraded the diffuser to a dewdrop shape).

The Premium Starter Kit ($200) comes with 10 oils - Peace & Calming, Valor, Lemon, Thieves, Pan Away, Peppermint, Purification, Frankincense and Joy and the Lotus shaped diffuse (they have NOW upgraded the diffuser to a dewdrop shape).


" We got our diffuser and oils last week and the boys LOVE them! I have been alternating between peace & calming and valor at night and they fall asleep so much easier now and aren’t afraid of nightmares like they were just a week ago - miraculous! Thanks so much for introducing this awesome product to our family! I can’t wait to try more of the oils as the boys have been asking how they can use the rest of them.  So much fun!!! " Cathy, Robert's Creek, B.C.

"I'm loving my kit especially for travelling. This Starter Kit has so many uses and its so compact. The Thieves oil nips all manner of bug in the bud. I feel so empowered in looking after my family's wellness needs with these! Love putting the Lavender on my kids feet before bed. Awesome product at a great deal." Tanya, mom of 2, Canmore, AB

Below is the link to purchase the oils at wholesale prices.

Tips for sign up:

1. Make sure you first change the country tab to the country you are from - different countries offer different options.

2. Keep the wholesale status checked off. It's free at the moment to have a wholesale membership which gets you a 24% discount off retail cost. To keep your wholesale status you only need to spend $60 per year - this can come from purchasing oils or any of their other products from toothpaste to protein powders.

3. The kit that I feel is the most comprehensive for home and travel use is the Premium Starter Kit. The company uses this kit as a promotion meaning that you save a lot of money when you buy the oils in this package format. Around $200.00  is your wholesale price (and retail is double that!). If you're from Canada the first option of the Starter options is this Premium Package. Buying individual oils or products at the wholesale prices is also possible through this link. 

4. Lastly, there are a group of us who love the oils and sharing what we're learning and we've made a Facebook page that you are welcome to join. We share cool recipes and discoveries and sometimes get together and nerd out making things. It's a fun-loving group so you feel supported with your learnings. Our private facebook page is Essential Oils for Healthy, Happy Living. (-: