Click to the left if YOU would love to create a Camp in your community. We have packaged up our Program in an affordable, magical way so kids everywhere can go to Fairy Camp ! (-:

9th Annual Magical Nature Connection Camps (Fairy-inspired!)

Summer Canmore Dates ...

Dates: July 3, 4, 5 2019 - 5 - 8 years old - 9:00 am - 3:30 pm - Camp is now FULL. Email us to be put on the waiting list for future camps or create your own for your community with our 3 Module Creator Package with everything you need!

  • 3-Days of art, story, movement, yoga, nature connection and (of course!) MAGIC  ... (-:

$247 includes 3 Day Camp plus art supplies. Scroll down for Paypal payment options or send e-transfer of $237 (e-transfer avoids $10 PayPal fee (-: ) to

These Camps are held seasonally in Canmore, Alberta led by Dr. Monika and her staff.

  • Camps are eco-conscious, fun and soul-nourishing - many artistic Waldorf-inspired elements are woven through them. 

  • Overall theme is Fairies. These playful, loving beings inspire so much imagination, story and artistic activity and deepen a child's connection to Nature and all the Elements (Water, Earth, Fire and Air) in a magical way.

  • Artistic activity and stories flow easily out of this simple inspiration of the Fairies and there is always plenty of time and space for discovery and play.

  • In the Camps, the Fairies friendship and mentorship often comes in the form of beautiful letters complete with burnt edges, fancy writing and sparkles (!) hidden in stumps or on branches and from these we are led to the forests and meadows to gather herbal medicines to create potions, teas and salves for well-being or to go on magical adventures with the Fairies to help an animal in need or … so many possibilities …. Join us!

What past participants have said ...

"It's her favourite camp!" E.M., mom of 2

" It's been 6 years since Ali participated in the "Fairy Rings and Magical Things Fairy Camp" and even though she's 12 years old now she has still kept and treasures everything she made with you all at the camp. That was such an unforgettable, empowering experience for her. Thank you Dr. Monika!" L.O., Canmore mom 

I asked Abby, "How was your day at Camp?" and she paused, took a breath and whispered, "Magical" .  L.W., mom of 2

" Thanks for creating such Magical camps. This was her fourth year of Fairy Camps with you and it just keeps getting better." D.L., mom of 2

" She talked about and brought those 3 days of the Camp into her whole Summer and beyond! The Camp does not end at the end of the last day --- it's the beginning of something special that grows in the girls. Thank you for creating this experience. I wanna go to Fairy Camp too !!!"

Like to be kept in the loop? 

Hop onto our Fairy Fridays Facebook page to hear of upcoming camps before they are advertised in town or email us at To learn how to create and run a fairy camp in your community or for your child and their friends checkout

Winter Fairy CaMP goodness ... (-:

Winter Fairy CaMP goodness ... (-:

Dr. Monika ND has been leading these camps for 8 years in the forests of Canmore and will be leading this Camp on behalf of (and with) the Fairies!

PS - Our hope is to train some more fairy/nature-loving adults on how to design and run a fairy camp so they can continue to be offered on the Island and all over. (-: If you are a mom, yoga instructor, teacher, nature lover, belong to a homeschooling group or just would love to be a part of providing this for children and this interests you please reach out to us at the email below or sign up for the 3 Module training and be part of this emerging community of Fairy Camp Creators inspired to offer soulful, magical experiences that nourish and delight children and plant seeds of nature connection for life. (-: *****