Eco-Parent Favorite Easter and Spring Ideas for Your Family - Plus Well-Loved Easter Story for Children 2- 8 years Old

  • Go for a walk and collect round, smooth, good size rocks from the creek and paint the rocks spring colors (pink, yellow, light blue, light green) and paint flowers on them or paint them to look like easter eggs … look nice in the garden.

  • If you’ve never blown out and painted Easter eggs and put them on a budding tree what are you waiting for! (-: It is fun for kids to blow out the egg – the trick is to make the holes on the top and the bottom of the egg a good size (this way it’s easier to blow the egg out and it is easier to slide them on a branch) – we use the tip of some scissors/ a knitting needle.

  • Ideas for sugar free Easter gifts to find on a scavenger hunt or tied into a story you like/make up: Geodes (can crack them open and see crystal caves inside), rocks, gems, seed packets, books, paints, knitted baby farm animal (could tell a story about that animal the night before), simple felted butterflies, child-size gardening supplies (watering can, shovel, trowel, wheelbarrow) are all great alternatives to hide Easter morning and help mark Spring’s arrival.

Suzanne Down's Easter story about Misha and the Easter Bunny delivering eggs with his kite ... oops gave it away ... is a family favourite.

Here’s a recording of it. (-:

If you live by the sea or somewhere where Spring kite flying is good use this story as a gateway to some sweet memories for you and your children i.e. - what a fun story to tell the week before Easter and how lovely would that be for a new kite to be propped against the door Easter morning or even better for the kite you have to have evidence of a night of flying and egg delivering! Imaginative possibilities are ripe indeed (-: Suzanne Down offers seasonal free stories in her Juniper Tree Newsletters - highly recommend signing up.

Note: If you are interested in becoming a better storyteller please contact me for a 1-on-1 session or to be put on a list for our next workshop. There are simple tips that transform ok storytelling to really engaging, healing, connecting storytelling. It is a part of the mama mentoring and naturopathic work I do with parents and teachers as it is so beneficial for a child’s growing brain and nervous system and building a sense of connection and safety conducive to health and learning. Call the office (403) 609-8385 or text me (403) 678-7901 to set up an initial call/appointment if you would like to be supported in this way. (-: