4 Easy Tips to Nurture Nature Connection in Young Children *Say less * Wonder * Keep it simple * Go often*

 *Say less * Wonder * Keep it simple * Go often*

  1. ·      Say less – the younger years is the time for experiencing the whole and loving it rather than understanding abstractly and analyzing. A child’s consciousness is much different from ours - they live in the much slower theta brainwave state that we enter into in sleep. To meet them where they are at, slow down, breathe, engage your senses – join them in the present moment where they so fully live.

  2. ·      “I wonder ….” - for children under 7 years bringing your own attention to the item they are interested in (with a nod, a smile, a bending-down for a closer look) is far more satisfying for children than a lot of talking/explaining. I notice it keeps them in that precious state of wonder longer. If I do say something I have found that often a simple “Hmm, I wonder…” is my go-to and keeps them engaged.

  3. ·      Keep it simple - when you do answer questions keep it simple but true – at a level they can understand. Children think in images. Connection precedes abstract understanding here. Follow their curiosity and your own and try to stay in the actual experience.

  4. ·      Go often – even 10 minutes in the evening is a great gift to one’s wellbeing – bring it into your home life rhythm!

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